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The epicenter of B2B marketing excellence.

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About Us

There’s marketing, and then there’s marketing in New York. The best brands make it here, or don’t make it anywhere. The best agencies. The best media companies. The best martech companies. The best. Period. That’s what the NYC Chapter is about. From mentoring up-and-comers at the helm of what’s next, to providing access to game-changing people and companies that accelerate careers, skills, and connections, the NYC Chapter is B2B marketing in New York.?

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Membership Benefits

The New York Chapter serves the needs of this leading B2B community of marketers, agencies, media professionals, and service providers by developing and organizing valuable programs, professional development opportunities, and networking events that help members advance their careers, skills, and connections.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

The NYC Chapter?can customize a sponsorship program unique to your specific needs and budget.

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